"The best way to predict the future is to create it" - Steven Lisberger

Who We Are

Zeroharbor is a small group of people who are truly passionate about innovation in the information security research and development space with members based in North Virginia, California, and a few places in between. We are compromised of reverse engineers, developers, malware hunters, privacy & anonymity advocates who have come together with the common goal of researching emerging threats and developing systems to both investigate and protect against them. Through our combined years of experience, we strive to bring open and secure software, services, and research to security practioners, researchers, and every day users that will raise awareness on emerging threats, help protect against them, and allow for deeper analysis and intelligence.

We will be providing technical research and analysis of topical security threats; hosted and open source projects for malware analysis, security automation, and privacy; free public services for privacy such as Tor bridges and meta search engines; API consumable threat data acquired from an enriched and curated honeypot network pipeline; resource guides and knowledge bases, and more.

If you are interested in collaboration on a new project or want to contribute to an existing one, please feel free to visit our Github page or send us an email!


Threat Intelligence

Leveraging custom analysis pipelines, global honeypot presence, OSINT, underground research, and experience in multiple intelligence disciplines, Zeroharbor analysts provide coverage of cyber crime, espionage, and geopolitical events.

Malware Research

Whether it is cyber crime, espionage, adware, Windows, OS X, or Linux; our team is comprised of talented reverse engineers and researchers who can quickly analyze suspected malicious files and provide in-depth analysis.

Application Development

Our developers hold years of programming experience in many languages (Python, C/C++, Go, JS), all of which actively contribute to open source projects and maintain several widely used infosec projects.

Innovative Mindset

The philosophy behind the inception of Zeroharbor has always been innovation. We see ourselves as futurists and all members bring their own passions and skills to keep us moving forward across security disciplines.